It’s amazing how technology has taken over our minds and how we think.  This past year Santa told children that his resourceful Elves had fixed it so Santa could do what they always did – tell me who is Naughty and Nice.  They invented an App for that!  And they downloaded it on my phone!

All the children this past year couldn’t wait to be scanned.  For some reason or another, ALL of them came back “Nice.”  But Santa always needed to find someone who was “Naughty” so the children still waiting their turn can sense there is some risk to the process and stay interested.  For this Santa usually picked the one who usually gets picked, the Dad.  Well this worked pretty well till Santa got to the “M” Family in South Tyler, Texas.  There were several families represented at this Family/Office Christmas Party, but Mr. “M” was the boss.  So, naturally Santa picked him to be the goat.

Mr. and Mrs. “M” have two beautiful daughters; and they shortly thereafter disappeared.  Santa noticed he eventually finished without scanning them and inquired where they had gone.  They were finally found in an upstairs bedroom, hiding.  They didn’t want to be scanned.  They explained that since their Daddy had turned up “Naughty,” they thought they would too, because they were his children!  Holy Peppermint Sticks!!!  What a dilemma!

So Santa rescanned Daddy, Mr. “M”; and he turned out to be “Nice.”  Then, and only then, did the girls consent to be scanned.

What a Lesson in family devotion to one another and loving adhesion.  It’s a Lesson Santa will never forget.